Touchmaster PA Question

Jul 14, 2010
S.W. Ohio USA
My Touchmaster PA isn't working. Several different mics that are known to work have been tried with it, and the PA still won't work. I need the PA function for an off-duty detail I work. Does anyone know of any common problems, or tips/tricks etc. for this issue? I like the TM4 because the air horn will work without a master switch having to be turned on. Do any other "modern" sirens do this?

Ironically, I collect sirens, but they are all older and for display. If I can't get the Touchmaster PA up and running, I will be looking for a cheap unit with at least PA and air horn. In fact, if anyone has something, PM me. I don't care about siren tones or switching capabilities. Cheaper is better!



Black Hoe

May 21, 2010
Long Island, NY
You may have a loose solder joint on the inside of the touchmaster. Look inside the area of the microphone input jack. You will probably find a loose wire or solder connection. Good Luck!


May 16, 2010
Deer Park, WA
If the TM is no go, you can use a Unitrol 80K which is remarkably simple and flexible with mounting options. With the amp tucked out of the way, you can either use a free hanging or mounted PA mic jack and the air horn input is a simple 12vdc input for airhorn.

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