Tri color lights and three different memory modes?

I'm going to order mpower Fascia tri-color lights blue/amber/white. I've got question about configuration. Is it possible to set up those lights in 3 different mode? I mean: 1 - warning amber only , 2 - blue and white warning (or only blue), 3 - white steady burn which override other modes. Or those lights work only in two memory modes, not three? I'm going to turn on and turn off those lights by separate switches, not by bluePrint. Also the same question about nFORCE and Intersector
If this configuration is impossible then I will decide to order only dual color lights (blue and amber) and run in two modes - 1st blue only, 2nd amber only.

p.s. I am also considering Whelen ION or T-ION and Federal Signal Micropulse Ultra :)

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