Wanted UHF Minitor II pager


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Long shot here, but I am searching for a UHF Minitor II pager on 453.450.
Not looking for any other pager at this time..this is just for nostalgia.

Let me know if you have one.



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We use Vhf down here but If you find uhf guts and need parts/case/knobs I have a few hanging around. Free to you.


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Find a 450 monitor II on eBay and contact Gerry.
He’s likely the best bet to get it setup.

If you can’t find any on eBay. Maybe worth reaching out to Gerry anyway as he may still have some.
Good luck,


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I have a minitor 2 with charger however its low-band........not sure if might be able to be changed to what you need

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