ULF44 steady-burn on one side. issue


May 21, 2010
Merseyland, England, GB
I fitted a ULF44 to my lightbar last year and it worked fine. I removed the lightbar two months ago. It's on roof-bars so I can remove it easily when not needed. Today when I went to put the lightbar back on my van I noticed that it steady burns on one side where as the other side remains unlit. Now if i turn on the switch for the 2ND pattern override. All lights function how they should do on the 2ND pattern.

Normal pattern should be triple flash alternate. Override is simultaneous single flash.

Any suggestions?

PS: I can't send back to whelen as it would cost about the same price as what I paid for the flasher. :(
I would double check the flash pattern that is set on the ULF-44 for the 1ST pattern. My ULF44 is currently running a mix of LIN3's, TIR3's, and TIR6's. When the flasher is on any of the "Steady " patterns, some of the heads will light up at different intensities, while others remain unlit. The only time everything lights up together is on the highest intensity level. I guess it has to do with the "adjusted" voltage being delivered by the flasher at the different levels. I would cycle through the patterns on the ULF44 and see if that helps.



Oct 26, 2010
South Africa
When it steady burns is it at full brightness or dim? if it's dim and flickering very fast it might have a power problem. try whipping it out n testing it on the bench. I take it it's a grey import n you can't send it to woodway then?

Healer it's more than likely that the reason your lights are doing different things is that they are of different ages. If i remember right TIR3s with the alloy base will turn off on low power but will cruise and the full plastic TIR3s will go low power but won't work on high power cruise but will if you reduce the intensity one or two clicks. I assume it's the same with other model lights.

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