Ultra lo budget 53" TurboBeam


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Not mine. Not something any normal person should get particularly excited about. But if you absolutely gotta have a shiny NOS example of bare bones, lowest bidder, exposed screws, tow bar underkill, this is the deal. Jam packed with over 200 Watts of incandescent disappointment. Two, count 'em, two rotators, two STTs, and (shield your eyes, folks), two work lights, waiting to shed a gloomy pallor over whatever miserable task awaits in the darkness. Flashers? Dream on. Mirrors? Forgetaboutit. On the plus side, plenty of room for improvement. Appears the seller has several for those truly bent on self -punishment.


Jennifer Rose Towing

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Its a great bar... with potential! I would snag it if it within driving distance. I have a 5 panel 3 rotator with mirrors in great shape on the shelf so I am not too broken up.


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Here in VA, the strobe version of that bar was real popular with our VDOT.

When I lived in Ottawa (25-26 years ago), the city used the strobe version too. A friend of mine had a towing company there, he had the strobe vision as shown, 6 strobes each side, stupid bright. The only issue is CN railway PD used the rotator vision with the TD's an Alleys. The were at the ends and blocked the rotators much like the Aerodynic and Jet

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