Unitrol 80k wiring harness


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Dec 3, 2010
Hello all, I apologize if i missed this in search but the results I found were 8+ years old and lead me to a dead end.

I am looking for the wiring harness to connect a 480k controller to the 80k amplifier. I have found the harness for the 480k that controls lighting functions, but no luck to connect it to the 80k. I believe the part # to be: UMC030-4

I understand I may have to make my own, but I am also having a difficult time finding the correct molex connectors.

If someone could point me towards someone who produces the harness, or the connectors so I can make my own it would be much appreciated!


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Feb 18, 2021
I made a harness for my sons 80k sirens. This is the plug you are looking for to connect to the 80k. I picked up a pair of them with pins for $12. Hope this helps!

MOLEX 76650-0069 .062" 12 CIRCUIT POWER PLUG​


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