Unitrol and SVP Sirens


Jun 25, 2010
I bought a few boxes of stuff last week and they have both SVP and Unitrol sirens in them. I have little experience with either brand. Do I need the amps for the Unitrols to work? There are two "new in box" FS/Unitrol control switches that don't seem to be part of the sirens but the plugs on the switches match the panels/amps. One of the sirens seems to be missing the "manual" button. Is somebody willing to tell me what I have? Also the SVP has some in the box stuff too,

[Broken External Image]:http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/bpfeist/lights011.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/bpfeist/lights012.jpg

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May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee

The manual siren control appears to be wired through the horn relay or a separate wire as on one of my earlier 80K Unitrol series. (This series had a separate air horn wire).

See if someone on ELB has the installation and operation manuals.


May 21, 2010
Harrisburg, PA
The Unitrols amps are Omega 90's, and the control heads are 8001 controllers I believe... Some of the best sirens on the market if you ask me and many others here...

Here's the install manual for the Omega 90.. http://www.fedsig.com/products/docs/ins ... U90-00.pdf

To get the manual tone on the 8001 controllers which are the bigger black boxes with the slide switches... the man button is labeled SRN in the upper left hand corner...

The single toggle switch is the 3000 controller for the Omegas... As TNEMS said, to get the manual tone it's usually wired into the horn ring circuit.

Here's the install manual for the 3000 series controller... http://www.fedsig.com/products/docs/ins ... _5K-00.pdf

In addition if you use the search function and search for Omega 90's you'll find all kinds of discussion about them... a VERY useful and loved siren here in this community.


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