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Please feel free to join my Unity Corp group page, dedicated to the RV series lights.

The group is very new and is dedicated to the collecting, displaying, getting technical advice, selling or trading, etc. Anything Unity RV Series related.

Let's build our community! Join us and start posting!

***Please note, this page is not affiliated, endorsed or operated by Unity Corp. This is intended as a discussion group and resource for collectors.

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Well it has been one day, the group has grown to 95 members.

Domes and parts have already been sold, and people have found things they couldn't find before. A few problems may have been solved with sound advice and a lot of tongues are left hanging with what people have collected out there!

Very gracious to have members and moderators from here visit us. There is a wealth of knowledge here!!!

Just wanted to share that in the Unity Facebook group, Unity Manufacturing is very active. They have found 3 - 26 red spitfire domes, 2 - 25 red spitfire domes, and a split red/amber 25 dome which are being promotionally sold via the group in a Lottery. They are new but have slight (very slight) defects. All domes will be sold for only 40 to 50 dollars per dome.

For more info on this "give away" as I call it, check our group. If you haven't, JOIN US!!!!

This is NOT facilitated by Unity, they are just supplying their found factory NOS domes.

The first selection has started with the 25 split amber/red dome, $40.00!!!!

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Yesterday one of our members won the drawing for the red/Amber 25 dome!

Tonight at 5:00 pm (eastern time) we will be drawing for a red spitfire RV25 dome!!! These are going for only $40!!!!!

Join us if you're interested!

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