Unity / Whelen RV26 (MSP led beacon)


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Well I can finally see well enough to upload some images. I'll do some video tomorrow as its already 22:40 HRS here and well, any led looks bright at night. Mind you, I think this would kill my camera if I tried to take photos / video at night, and possibly confuse local pilots trying to land at the airport about 10 miles away.

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Do you have a parts list for this unit or what is needed to build my own? I have a FD that wants one on their command car and the only way I have found to get one is to buy it at list price which is crazy.


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Leds are red in color. No idea which led diodes it uses. I could take a more detailed photo or two if you wish?
If you knew exactly how much current the light draws when all diodes are activated, and the number of diodes, you should be able to come close to their wattage. You'd need to allow for a little consumption by the flasher.

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