US alert Pagers

Peter F

May 21, 2010
Nova Scotia , Canada
Does anyone have any knowledge on how well the US alert pagers work ,and have there been any problems with them. We are looking at replacing 6 pagers with the US alert nova pagers . We have always had Motorola minitor 5 pagers but have had a lot of trouble with them.
There USED to be quite a few UHF Nova pagers in Schenectady County but slowly they have been replaced with Minitor V pagers.

We used to repair them by the boxes but they were not expensive to fix and the batteries were cheap and easy to find.

I would find a dealer and arrange a demo for a few weeksn programmed to your freqs and tones.See how they pick up in some areas.

I have seen more new ones in duty since the V came out due to complaints on the V's size.

US Alert also has the watchdog,more along the lines of the V.A bit taller and thicker than the V but takes AAA batteries.

What kind of problems with the V are you experiencing? Chargers? Falsing? Phantom pages?
I could be wrong but as far as I know all radio systems are to be "Narrow Banded" within the next year or two. If this is the case, you should consider that as well.
Yes they are.If you buy a wideband pager now itll have to be sent back to USAlert to be refurbed to 12.5 narrow.Its like $70 for a Nova.
not sure what state yall are in, but in florida, we are required to move up to 700/800 mhz for radios, but we are allowed to run VHF and UHF pagers for one way radio traffic.

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