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Cool. I did not know you could get a green lens with the pancake light. I had a blue one as a POC F/F in Illinois. It was one of the brighter lights based on the reflector size. I also did not know that they had a PAR 46 beacon. I remember you could get their twinsonic shaped lightbar with PAR 46s.
When I got on hired at the PD in 1988, we had the S&W bars like the catalog. Some had rectangular bulbs for flashers and some had PAR 36s. No alley lights. All red. Then we tried 1 Jet sonic in red. Then Streethawks w/ speaker grills red/blue with dual takedown lights in lower. They flashed with the alley lights in position 3, then all light street hawks, then MX7000, then 1 Tomar Neobe strobe bar, Whelen Patriot with 8 strobes and 6 7mm LEDs and halogen TD/ AL, then Whelen Liberty and finally 1st gen FS Valor bars in dual color red/blue. Wonder what they will go with next change over.


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I remember you could get their twinsonic shaped lightbar with PAR 46s.
Smith & Wesson did at one point sell a lightbar that was basically a re-badged Dietz Omni-Chief. I wonder if anyone here has any S&W literature that features that product.
Smith & Wesson was selling rebranded equipment from Dietz and Yankee before they came with their own line of equipment seen in this catalog.

The mechanics of the 236 and 436 lights are Arrow.

I should have some brochures of the old equipment somewhere but it is not at hand at the moment.

We had a warning equipment distributor here in Sweden in the 80s that bought some test samples from S&W but they never started to sell anything.

They had a special made test sample of the bar that had two offset rotators and two rectangular sealed beams on one side and two rotators with diamond mirror in between on the other side.

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I always wondered if this was actually the same company that makes guns, that logo gives it away for sure.


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The early Smith & Wesson Magnum series electronic sirens (with the large pushbuttons) were sold under other brand names (e.g. the Stephenson Magnum IV and the Dietz OmniSound). There are demos of these sirens on YouTube.

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