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I'd like to see a photo of those Micro Edges mounted to mirrors.


Does anyone have any literature, sales brochures, catalogs or any of the like for the Edge Ultra series lightbars.
I believe I have found the install manuals and a few other install manuals for adding alleys, traffic advisor and the like.
Mainly looking for sales brochures, and catalog featuring the Ultra series.
Might be snagging a 12 strobe, alleys, TD's and rear flasher bar next week. Would be nice to have some literature to accompany it as this is my first item that will be starting collection.
Thank you
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I owned this catalog when I used to watch the installation of all lighting from e one they had some sweet systems, I remember the introduction of the mx7000. When I lived up in the Pacific Northwest issaquah, now all they use is whelen


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Shared with permission of Rick Alexander from the Facebook page "Vintage Whelen Lighting Equipment." I was pretty geeked up to seeing the cover with the black background. Hadn't seen that image since I was about 12 years old with a massive literature collection of my own (long since departed).

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The Cruiser in the 9000 i think may have been essex car. Essex ran all red for year
wrecker is Mal's out of Westbrook CT
the truck is whelen
Suburban Southern New England Telephone SNET never a ATT company
the Blue Bar i think is East Haven PD

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