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May 23, 2010
Ridgway IL, 62979
I would like to mount federal LL4 lollipops to a visibar. This is not a model 11. No chain drive. Just a blank visibar that had a 14 on each end. I've seen old pictures of this, but cant really tell how it was done or if they're even LL4s. I don't know if federal would do this as a factory option, but if they did, that's probably how i would want to do it. The problem im facing is the stud length on the LL4. It's quite long making me wonder if some sort of spacer would be required. I really don't want to cut down the studs on the LL4s.

Does anyone have any information or good pictures of how this was achieved?

Thank you all for your consideration
The only FS brackets I am aware of were for mounting sirens or beacons to the bar.

If you mount them directly to the bar, the base of the LL4 is probably larger than the bar, so I would fabricate a “washer” to fit between the bar and the light for a more finished appearance. (You might be able to find an appropriately sized stainless fender washer at your local hardware store…or on Amazon.)

If you don’t want to drill into the bar, here's another option: When I added an antenna to my model 11, I fashioned a “U” shaped bracket and cap to mount on the bar. I used a bolt to secure the one side and the antenna through the other side of the plate. I used stainless plate and fasteners and it looked like factory.
Another option requires a bit of “white glove” welding…I’m thinking of the siren mounts for the VisiBar. Instead of a solid mounting block, fab up the U bracket and make a second U bracket (block) to attach the light to. To secure the block to the U bracket, the block would have to have “ears” or sides welded to it.

Kinda complicated, but hope this is helpful…and don’t forget to post pics of your project!
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Hello. I can't answer whether this was ever an option from Federal Signal (I suspect not), but I'm sure someone here will know.

I created a "homebrew" bar using a North American Signal bar (similar to a Visibar) and mounted two pair of LL4's and a Dietz 7-11. Yes, the bases of the lollipops ARE wider than the bar and to mount them, I did drill holes in the bottom of the bar to thread washers/nuts (pictures attached). Maxim2Eng offers some good alternatives to avoid drilling, but the bases of the lollipops will still exceed the width of the bar if you're looking for a streamlined look.

Good luck!


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