Wanted wanted apco p25 phase 1 and 2 scanner

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Smoke Diver 19

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Apr 4, 2013
wanted looking for apco p25 phase 1 and phase 2 scanner triband with all bells and whistles I'm in nj south jersey southern nj in counties: Gloucester county salem county and Cumberland county. I have stuff for trade barter and would like to get what I want and need so please throw me an email and what you have and were you are located and from. if you are in my location in 1 of my counties please let me know and will either come to you or meet you at a public place or you come to me. I have pics of stuff that I have up for trade and will send PM or text or email from my emailing address when requested. I'm also interested in a portable radio prefer Motorola triband vhf/uhf/and up I know that the Motorola APX8000 has what I want and need but I am Not paying $10,000 for a radio that I can get for wayyyyyy lower and wayyyyy cheaper from a radio dealer in my arear and also for the people who thing their apx8000 is gold you better think twice because the Motorola manufacture MSRP: price is $10,000 but by radio dealer about $2,500 and used on ebay craigslist amazon HRO $350.00 unprogrammed with everything in NIB. also I can program radio myself I have everything to do it. so whatever you have let me know and I will get back to you asap and not trying to step on anyones toes but I'm telling the truth......
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