Wanted Wanted reasonably priced jet strobe, jetstream, jetsonic


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ISO a reasonably priced jet strobe,sonic,stream series lightbar any body have one my budget is around 75 to 100 bucks


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What is ISO?...I do have a few Jetsonics, and a Jetstream. But the shipping will be around $80 on top of the $100 for the bar. What color do you want?

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What is ISO?...I do have a few Jetsonics, and a Jetstream. But the shipping will be around $80 on top of the $100 for the bar. What color do you want?
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I have a Jet Strobe, clear lense with red/blue fresnel over the strobes. Amber filters on rear flashers, clear takedown, and red/blue cutout alley lights. Incomplete vehicle mount. Your offer though is low, and shipping will be $80.00 to $100.00 (estimate). Try Gov.deals.com, an auction site for municipal equipment. There are some good deals available. I recently got a red and clear Jetsonic Mini for a ten dollar bid. I picked it up because it was kind of near by. Try Craigslist and Facebook, just enter your search. Recently near me somebody got two Twinsonics and rumbler sirens for $150.00. Probably bought by the first to see the ad. goodluck!


I have two amber jet streams with full amber domes. Both are rotator and both need the clips that go around middle dome. 85 plus shipping ea


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I have three low-hour, near-mint 48" Jetstrobes with whatever colors you wish over the Strobe heads. $100 isn't anywhere near what those would go for, though... sorry.


I'm just curious...why would you reply on the OP's thread if you're only going to comment that you have something he's looking for but you're asking way more than what he's willing to pay? You're not doing him any favors by telling him you have what he might be looking for but you're not going to sell it to him at the price that he wants to pay.

I get the guys telling him about the shipping cost, but why would you tell him that you have one but you're not selling it at the price he's willing to pay? That's no help at all.

And, I'm sorry, but Jet series lightbars regularly go for the price he's willing to pay. I've paid even less for some of the Jets that I've had in my collection. I get some of you think your lightbars are worth their weight in gold, but there are deals to be found from guys who aren't trying to get max top dollar for something. Be patient, and hopefully someone will reply who's willing to send you what you're looking for at the price you're willing to pay.


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I'll reply simply to him and you:

"Quality is like buying oats. If you want good quality oats, you must pay a fair price. If you want oats that have already been through the horse, they are a little cheaper."

The obsolescence of Jetstrobes and their respective parts dictates the price. Smoking deals can be found everywhere. Gems cannot. He is asking for two completely different items is specifying a Jetstrobe versus a Jetstream. I have to respectfully disagree with your statement by posting mine. The comments made by many here are simply attempts to drop a few hints that maybe his budget may not acquire him a Jetstrobe or a nice Jetsonic. Sure he can find "rebuilders" in his price range but by the time he "rebuilds" it, he WILL be over that budget. We're not even going to include the shipping factors.

That is simply the reason for their and my posts. They are polite ways of explaining that it will be a difficult but not impossible quest. This site is an incredible education tool for the masses. Pricing and price structure is one of those lessons some of us try to get across.

We're all in this together... I hope that solved your curiosity, at least on my post, I can't speak for others...
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