Wecan Problem


May 21, 2010
Bombay, NY
Well, I just installed the wecan i/o board and control point. Now It has been working good for a few days and now I am trying to upload some patterns in it and it wont make them run. All the normal flash patterns work, but when I try to use some of the CA patterns they will not work. Any idea why? Thanks
What version of software are you using? The first version I had with CA patterns, don't remember which number, had that same problem. All the patterns showed in the program but didn't function when the bar was programmed with them. Seems like last time I did a WeCan bar I was able to get it to work....but that was last fall so I really don't remember.
Ther version is 5.0.12. The wecan was made in 08 so its fairly new, so IDK, if I cant figure it out I am going to give whelen a call monday. I hope someone here can help me before then.
Anyone else have anything? I emailed whelen and have received no response. I am going to give them a call but would like to see what other ppl have to say here. Thanks
Well talked to whelen today and the only way I can get the CA patterns to work on the wecan is you upgrade the Firmware on the I/O board. The only way to do that is to buy a new I/O board. So IDK Maybe I will buy a new one. We shall see what we can do. Thanks

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