West Ridge Fire Dept. (Erie, PA)


May 24, 2010
Erie, PA
[Broken External Image]:http://exit109.com/~mikezac/eriepafire/departments/thumbnails/tnwestridge_479tower.jpg

Tower 479

2003 Sutphen Magnum 110'

2000 gpm pump

500 gal tank

Runs 1st out in our district and Mutual aid truck company

[Broken External Image]:http://exit109.com/~mikezac/eriepafire/departments/thumbnails/tnwestridge_472engine.jpg

Engine 472

1993 Sutphen Deluge

1750 gpm pump

1000 gal tank

Refurbished with new rear rescue compartment/lighting/paint in 2008

[Broken External Image]:http://exit109.com/~mikezac/eriepafire/departments/thumbnails/tnwestridge_473engine.jpg

Engine 473

1993 Sutphen Deluge

1750 gpm pump

1000 gal tank

Currently for sale, to be replaced by a 2010 Supthen Rescue/Pumper:


[Broken External Image]:http://exit109.com/~mikezac/eriepafire/departments/thumbnails/tnwestridge_477utility.jpg

Truck 477

2008 Ford F-450

Knapheide Utility Body

Rope rescue/Fire Police/EMS First Response

[Broken External Image]:http://exit109.com/~mikezac/eriepafire/departments/thumbnails/tnwestridge_478truck.jpg

Truck 478

2000 Union City Body Step Van

Air/Light Unit

2 Position Bauer Cascade System

Carries Dive Team Equipment

[Broken External Image]:http://exit109.com/~mikezac/eriepafire/departments/thumbnails/tnwestridge_x19engine.jpg

Engine 19

1951 Mack

[Broken External Image]:http://exit109.com/~mikezac/eriepafire/departments/thumbnails/tnwestridge_460chief.jpg

2008 Ford Expedition

Command Unit, stays with the Chief full time


All pictures courtesy of http://www.EriePAFire.com

also http://www.WestRidgeFire.org


May 24, 2010
Erie, PA
With the exception of a couple of electrical gremlins, the '51 runs great! It's quite a pleasure to know that I'm one of the few guys around that have the ability to drive it.

As a testament to these trucks, the only thing we've had to do to it in the last 5-10 years is have anew gas tank and new front brakes made. Even after sitting all winter, she fires right up come springtime.


May 24, 2010
Erie, PA
pdk9 said:
nice apparatus collection. i'm assuming u guys don't like sutphen?

We've had good luck with ours, and so have a couple of other departments in the county. We were originally going to look at other manufacturers for the new rig, but Sutphen had a cache of 2009 compliant motors still available. Nobody else that we looked at did. That was a big factor. As far as the other manufacturers, it seems as though a lot of departments around us are in flux with who they are buying trucks from. A lot of the departments that bought KME in the early 90's are now going as far away from them as possible to Marion and Precision, among others. There are a couple of Pierce departments, but those trucks have never really done much for me. They seem mas produced.

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