What is the smallest/thinnest speaker out there??


May 23, 2010
West Tennessee, USA
Genitalmen, I have a problem. I have a 2007 Ford Taurus that I need to fit a speaker or two on behind the grille/honeycomb area(customer preferred choice). I don't have much room to play with at all so I am trying to find the smallest/most compact/thinnest 100w speaker made. I know the sound quality will suffer but I just can't fit two of my favorite AS124s in there... :cry: I have searched high and low and the only thing I have seen that might fit this car is the "side scoop" speaker from Sho-Me and even with it, I would have to mount it down below the grille/LP area almost completely under the car.

Here is a pic with the area I am talking about with the Sho-Me scoop speaker location I am thinking of.


...and here is the scoop speaker I am talking about...


I would end up putting two of these in there somehow if this is the only speaker I can find to do this install with...

Would this be too low for decent sound projection or would the sound bounce off the highway and become more pronounced? I am really at an impasse' here cause I cannot find a speaker small enough to fit behind the grille. Any suggestions on a speaker that would work so I don't have to do the side scoop thing?

Please let me hear form all you pros out there...I know some of you have had to of done a speaker install on a car like this... ;)

Thanks, fellas!!!


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May 20, 2010
cut out pieces in the back of the plastic bumper/etc to make it fit.. Thats what we did with my car- mounted a BP100 on a mustang- behind the bumper. :eek:

cory y

May 21, 2010
I had a 03 Taurus (same body) and i had that EXACT same siren. mounted in the EXact same spot and it was Very loud and efficient in that spot. a bit of a PITA to install but there is the metal bumper behind the foam bumper and 4 selftappers worked perfectly. you will not be dissapointed


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May 20, 2010
Jared @ 911Lights said:
+1, but keep in mind the bumper insulation will muffle the sound, I'm surprised you don't have room higher up in the grille, those cars have large front ends.

Sorry, I did not mean I cut out any foam, just the bumper "plastic". I mounted it in the lower air scoop for the rad. (the part of the plastic that is mid line of the speaker needed a good chunk clean removed)


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