Whelen 52 series Led help.... UPDATED>> try this


May 22, 2010
Southeast Missouri
I just traded for 2 Whelen 52 series leds.. They have 2 wires: Black(ground) and yellow(power) They have a flash pattern set and on the tag it says "flasher" I eed to know how to change the pattern, or run a sync wire.. any ideas??
Probably not. I would assume they would already have the wire available to you to be synced. I wouldn't see where they would want you to go through all the work to add a sync wire if they were able to be synced.
I would agree.
Those two prongs is what changes the pattern. Take a penny or some other type of metal device to touch the two together and it changes flash patterns.
wow that was interesting and informative. Never would have thought that wih the prongs inside... learn something new every day
I agree.. Most have either a jumper or just a wire.. not two prongs.
Fluffy126577 said:
I agree.. Most have either a jumper or just a wire.. not two prongs.
First version 500/52 series LEDs only had the two metal prongs for pattern selection.

You had to remove the lens to access it.

I haven't seen any in at least 5-6 years now, but have seen a few PD cars with them as Mirror beams.
Yes.. 2 prongs.. For those of you that are into Radio repair , they look like the prongs on the PC board that a Speaker plugs into.. Jus short them, and it changes the pattern.. there are 2 steady burn settings.. there is one that kind of studders when you apply power, and then there is one that comes on normal.. then i just wired it into a Sho-me random Headlight flasher, and used some fla stock to make a bracket for the back window of the truck..

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