Wanted Whelen 600s

Discussion in 'Wanted: Warning Equipment' started by BFD1, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. BFD1

    BFD1 Registered Member

    New here, just got a ambulance from Dallas with a mixture of red and blue whelen 600s, looking for 6 used 600's in red, or 4 red and 2 clear. Blue has got to go.
  2. Clarence H

    Clarence H Veteran Member Silver Level Member

    Strobe or halogen or led?

  3. #1texan

    #1texan Registered Member

    If looking for LED, good luck. Been trying to find some for over a year for one of our ambulances.
  4. BFD1

    BFD1 Registered Member

    Yep looking for LEDs, not having any luck, looks like we will be buying new, probably have blue ones for sale soon.
  5. BFD1

    BFD1 Registered Member

  6. NCAP126

    NCAP126 Junior Member

    I may have some. If not I have possibly 6 new 600 ambers. I'm using the moduals for 700s so I can swap back in reds ones from 700s and 900s. They would be smart 4 wire with low power no sync. I may also have red lenses instead of clear. If you wanted some split red white I can do that also. Let me know.
  7. Phoenix_Rising

    Phoenix_Rising Resident Ghost Gold Level Member

    Another option for you is to contact member wilsonbr. He can change the heads you have to any color you wish, for alot cheaper than buying new ;)
  8. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    as phoenix said, if interested i can change the color of the heads you have, pending that they are not the 5mm style for $16 per head plus shipping, if interested send me a PM
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  9. BFD1

    BFD1 Registered Member

    Thanks for the reference, quite a savings.
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  10. BFD1

    BFD1 Registered Member

    pm sent

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