Whelen 9M LED retrofit


May 27, 2010
Scott, Louisiana
Hi everyone, Maybe you could help me out, I want to run and add some additional led modules on my Whelen edge 9M light bar. I want to keep my original rear flashers on the 9M board and also keep the take downs on the 9M board. I was going to tap into the take downs but I would like to keep my original take down/ with flashing capabilities, and I don’t want to tap inot the rear flashers because I want to keep my rear flasher on position 1 just for the rear. So I want to have a separate source/activation for more leds.

This bar was 328 series with 3 power supplies. I’m going to remove two of the power supplies, so I have the 6pin port “C” and “B” ports open, and will be keeping "A" for the corner strobes, when pulling out the cables I noticed that there is a positive and ground for the 6 pin connector for the 6pin plug going to B and C, is this the power and ground for each of b and c ports??? can I tap into this power?

Can I steal power/ground from the B or C port and use this to run my led flasher/led heads or other accessories?

And then just use the according wires in the harness to my switch box to activate the led flashers/heads? Like the wires that use to run the B pack would now activate the leds, or are the edges a little more complex.

Could use the input. and any other advice,

Thanks Richie


Dec 16, 2010
USA Southwest
More or less, you have the right idea. I have done many led retrofits on the 9M bars. Yes, you can use the hot and ground from B and C to power the flashers, then use pin 3 and 4 from B & C as the triggers to activate the flashers. Pins 3 & 4 are the green and blue wires that were going to the power supplies for triggers.

On the cable end, blue/white, and or blue/black will activate one flasher, and the green/white and or green/black will activate the other.

I would suggest replacing the fuses for B and C with lower amp versions, since the load now will be much less.

You can also get power from the 2 pin AUX port on the circuit board next to the power ports for flasher A and B. It is activated on the cable with the white/orange wire.

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