Whelen Dash Master Pattern change video


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and theres no vid... what did we miss out on? Disregard after a couple hours I checked and it was there and working..... OMG Now im gonna check to see if my dash masters have that POT on them and see if i can turn up the speed on them... I know one did flash at a lil slower rate then my other... maybe that will fix it up!
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and it was there and i kicked it up just a lil faster not all the way cause that was just too fast made it looked like it never shut off....
No it isn't a pattern change, you are correct. Its a potentiometer that adjusts the resistance and therefore the flash speed. It was factory "sealed" by a hot knife, but that is very easily defeated. I dont think I'm too worried about the warranty at this stage lol.
Nice video.

Liking the dashmiser too
I couldn't beleive the difference in bright ess between the two! That old dash master, at factory speed, absolutely blows the DMP away!

When you kick up the speed they begin to equalize a bit, but I guess its brighter appearing due to the larger reflector?


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brighter due to larger reflector and curled turbo tube instead of straight linear tube... that thing always blows away my DM2's in brightness but not in speed thats for sure.

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