whelen daul dashmiser


May 27, 2010
East Freedom,PA
i have a question, i am going to be getting a self contained dashmiser with the standard quad flash wig wag pattern, has anyone ever converted one to the dash miser plus series with the selectable patterns and if so how did u do it?


Lifetime VIP Donor
May 20, 2010
S.W. New Hampshire, USA
I believe you'd have to change the power supply with the newer version, or bypass the internal power supply and make this a remote unit connected to an external power supply with the patterns that you desire.



May 20, 2010
Jacksonville, NC
A vast majority of the dual dashmisers I have seen are self-contained and had only one pattern. I have seen one or two that had selectable patterns with the internal supply, but I consider those rare. Making the unit a remote dual head strobe would work, but then there is the issue of more cabling to install.

Or, you can do what I did, I took the strobes out of my dual dashmiser and installed the Whelen 600 Series Linear Super Split LEDs. All you need is power and a ground, and you have the option to bring the sync wire out as well. TIR6s work as well. I converted a friends dual dashmiser to TIR6 heads and it looks pretty good.

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