Whelen edge blue

Discussion in 'Off Site Online Sales' started by empire5150, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. empire5150

    empire5150 Member

  2. EHFD_Tower_751

    EHFD_Tower_751 Established Member

    I'd take a shot with it......if was closer
  3. Kendreth

    Kendreth Member

    in my area - email sent. for 30 bucks why not.
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  4. Pete L.

    Pete L. Silver Level Member

    That's more than worth it in guts/parts.
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  5. Kendreth

    Kendreth Member

    that was my thought
  6. Kendreth

    Kendreth Member

    its gone to the dump :mad:
  7. CrownVic97

    CrownVic97 Veteran Member

    What a dolt. Guess he was too damn impatient to get a buyer in a timely manner :rolleyes:
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