whelen edge info needed


Jan 2, 2011
Pittsburgh pa

looking for info on whelen edge strobe lightbars.

i restore vintage police cars and the particular car i am working on now had a whelen edge full size strobe bar on it in service back in 1990-91-92.

per the pics i have seen the bar i need to get had a

blue endcap with alley/red rectangle/square clear takedown/blue rectangle/solid black middle/blue rectangle lense/square clear takedown/red rectangle lense blue endcap with alley light

what are the major differances with the edges i would need to look for if any?

Shawn L

May 21, 2010
Corbett, Oregon
whelen used lots of different sized modules behind the lenses, the lenses corespond with the various lenght of the tubes that were used. a pic would be the best .


Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
During that time, Whelen had not yet started using the linear strobe tubes in the middle, so the assembly inside would be a corner strobe module with two square modules attached with it that could have helix twist lock strobe bulbs or twist lock halogens placed in them. I think by that time Whelen was offering the Piecer center options, which would replace the center black out section with either the Piecer (double halogen sweeping light) or the Piercer II (double strobe light with it's own power supply).

I'm not for sure on arrowstick options in the early 90s. If so, the only thing that would've been added would've been a dual halogen twist lock to place in the center of the back of the bar.

As far as flashing strobes, I believe the ZFO series power supplies were being used by then, which I know did quad flash (as I used to have an older Edge bar) and then it had some other type of weird pattern I can't explain. It's a possibility that a double flash strobe power supply may have been the only thing available at that time prior to the ZFO series offering the quad pattern.


May 8, 2010
There have been many different internal modules and configurations with Edge lightbars over the 30 years of it's existence, mostly involving the inboard front and rear areas, but there have only been 5 or so major changes of the Edge's corner strobe modules. The eras of the changes could vary significantly from the following info, which is based strictly on recollection.

The original generation bars introduced around 1980 or so had "V" shaped tubes permanently affixed to the reflectors on the corners and they were used until the "J" shaped tubes with permanent tubes in the reflectors replaced them in the mid 80s. The "J" tubes were used in the corners from then into the late 80s and possibly early 90s, with the one piece/three section "combo" modules that had user replaceable linear tubes (referred to by grfd711 above) replacing them in the early to mid 90s.

Duplex style bars with the option of user replaceable or permanent linear tubes in the corners and dual stacked inner modules and alley side lights came along in the late 90s, and the 9M series with permanent linear tubes in the corners and a row of individual modules inboard came along in the early 2000s.

LEDs were introduced in the mid 2000s and quickly replaced inboard strobes in most Edge 9M bars, which are still made but are being replaced by all LED Freedom bars. A pair of newer downsized models named Patriot (a strobe/LED combo which is now discontinued) or Liberty (all LED) were introduced in the mid 2000s and have replaced the fullsize model for many users.
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May 21, 2010
Carver, Mass.
PLEASE!!!!! fix that third brakelight shroud. :eek: :twisted:

What's with the Zephr license plate on the wall.

I am a huge train nut, & CB&Q had the original Burlington Zephyrs. We had one here in Boston too, The Flying Yankee, which is being restored in Cow Hampster (New Hampshire)


May 21, 2010
Chicago, IL
That picture in the garage was taken before I did any work to the car. When I went to remove the shroud, it crumbled. I have a nice package tray and a nice surround to go in there this spring. The other photo is shortly before the car went in for paint. If you look closely, you can see the cable for the Edge hanging down inside the car.

The license place is my wife's. We had a Siberian Husky that we named Zephyr. His parents were Thunder and Lightning, we wanted to keep with the theme, so my wife came up with Zephyr. A west wind. I thought it fit because when he ran, his face kind of looked like a Zephyr :)

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