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Feb 27, 2012
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Hoping to bail these asap, no reasonable offer refused. see comments for more

Pair feniex titan 100s: NLA
Feniex apollos blue/white : SOLD
SNM flood side shooters: SOLD
Pair feniex fusion 180 "dummy" heads: dual color blue white, no internal flasher: sold
Whelen TIR3 2 white, smart, no flanges nothing else: sold

Pair Whelen Red LIN4, NOS : sold

Code 3 3-Up Optix Head Red, NOS sold

not shown pic soon: sho me undercover siren, no panel/switches included, any spst and momentary for air horn will work : wail yelp and air horn, phaser stopped working for unknown reason: giving it away $30

all prices are shipped, payment by paypal

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*No reasonable offers refused especially if multiple items purchased
Next batch

Whelen TIR3 2 white, smart, no flanges nothing else: $30 will not seperate

Pair Whelen Red LIN4, NOS : $55

Code 3 3-Up Optix Head Red, NOS $40

Code 3 HLF: NOS, $35

All prices shipped, final
and paid by paypal: see above for better pricing , accepting reasonable offers

IMG_1119.jpegIMG_1120.jpegIMG_1121.jpegIMG_1122.jpegRed whelen TIR3 sold
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Todays offerings;

4 Feniex Cobras in white: recently updated diodes via Wilsonbr: SOLD

The OG Feniex Controller: ive used this thing flawlessly for years. Keypad updated from stock green backlighting to blue again via Wilson. If you want a lot of buttons, this is what you want. Includes control panels, mount, cat5 cable and short extension and brain. Please note this is the non siren version: SOLD

Prices OBRO, multiple items get better deals, no reasonable offers refused, payment by paypal and conus sales only

dont forget to tip your waitstaff
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If you dont need these maybe someone you know does, I HAVE to move all of these!
Hi folks! Your friendly singed pidgeon here!

So when I say please buy my stuff, I mean please because every dollar I raise will be all I have to my name as I uproot and head south to Florida. I have done 24 years in Fire/EMS as a FF/EMT. Ive wanted to leave both EMS and Pennsylvania for alot longer than I care to remember. I have divorce pending with my wife of 15 years. And as of 1800 Tues, my ambulance, with no warning to either company or the townships it serves; ceased any and all operations; the owners liquidating everything. The kicker is my boss is also my
landlord, so in not only losing my job, I'm losing my housing.

So I'm literally selling everything, I mean everything I have, paying off the 3 months past due on my car payment, and whatever i have left; out of dodge i shall go

while this point i welcome handouts

if you dont need what i have here (or my departments equipments post as i get commision for every item sold) please tell anyone you may know, every dollar is critical for me

You all dont owe me anything, and i cant wait to tap into the wealth of knowledge for new agencies when I finally take root somewhere.

Please understand; I stand behind the owner/chief and this isnt, for me a bad thing. Like I said, been meaning to get out for a longgg time.

So if you can help, great, if not, great! Everyone stay blessed and be safe!
make offer and i probably wont say no!
make offers! last week to buy anything!


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