Whelen Flasher Question


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May 25, 2010
Saint John, NB, Canada
I have a flasher out of a mini liberty that I wanted to use in my patriot, the P/N is 01-0269857-(15)B it says that it's a 2 Channel LED Flasher with SYNC & LO-power. I can only get it to flash one pattern and it flashes all 8 outputs at the same time, I want it to alternate, is there something wrong with it or am I not doing something that I should be? Any help would be great. Just so everybody understands the LED flasher requirement the bar is being upgraded from 8 strobes to include 8 LED Corner Strobe - LED - Strobe - LED - LED - Strobe - LED - Corner Strobe front and back. Any help would be apreciated


May 21, 2010
I think there's a way Whelen flashers can be programmed so that you can run more than one flasher but have them alternate from each other. So flasher 1 would flash all LEDs and then alternate from flasher 2. At least that's what I remember reading from the manual on my ULF28.

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