Whelen / GTT opticom are they still in use?

it has been sitting on my shelf for the past year or 2. The image is not the actual item but a stock image. but it came out of a liberty with the mount and both led take downs. All of the wiring and convectors and small sticker with instructions are still attached like it was new out of a box. it has been a while since i have been in the Unfitting game. do people still use Opticom? and if so what do u think is a fair price ?

I know in the state of Delaware we still use them. Sorry I'd be no help on the value. I know they are uber expensive when you put them in a new lightbar. Like double the price of the bar....


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Lots of urban regions in Ontario (Canada) use opticoms- however they are all encoded now and also use the RF verification technology. If yours is the same as the stock photo you provided it may have some of those features.
I bought one a about a year ago on the bay for 150.00. I collect Opticom emitters, new and old and it's a nice one to have...you rarely see them for sale...


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I believe the current Whelen list price is at least $1700+ for these. In the used market these generally sell for $500-$750. It's a rare and special order item , anything less would be giving it away. Older "strobe" Opticoms still sell for $250-$500 currently.
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