Whelen Headlight Flasher Install Help.


May 21, 2010
Dania Beach, Broward FL.
Hello group,

I ussually don´t like to bother anyone regarding installations doubts but this my installers friends is my very first HLF so it´s laughing at me :S :oops:

Ok here´s the thing, recently got a Whelen 2150A HLF to install it in my 2008 Mazda B-2600 Pick-Up Truck (just like a Ford Ranger, it´s what I´ve heard, So I swear it´s a possitive-side switched ) Everything is ready, installed power and ground to the flasher, orange wire to the on/off switch but doubts and problems come when splicing headlight wires.

I have attached a few pictures that says more of my situattion, Escenario is: it´s a headlight that uses a 55/60 watt bulb where the "high-beam signal": (12 V when High Beam is On) from the dimmer switch seems to be the red wire on the right of the pic (if you look closely it´s red and white line the one spliced, then I have a red and blue line cutted (since I thought it was the high-beam wire, and then a black wire. I have tryed conecting the HLF (passanger side wires) Yellow and White/Yellow wires to any of the wires in my headlamp and nothing happens, Am I missing any step?

You can see the passanger side Yellow and White/Yellow wires from the HLF waiting to be spliced to wherever of the 3 head lamp wires they go spliced... :?:

I have read as much as I can the instructions but I don´t know what I am doing wrong since I still can´t make my bulbs to flash with this Universal Flasher.

By watching the pictures I hope you can you provide any advice to my HLF Installation? the wires of the headlamp are simple 3 and the wires from the HLF to each of the the bulbs lamp are 2 right? (besides HighBeam Override), So I guess my answer is somewhere near...

Please any help, tip or advice Will be very appreaciated I really would like to get to use this Flasher.








Jul 3, 2010
Adirondacks, NY
First things first, Do you have a digital multimeter?

Simple testing will yield good results. You are not sure if the headlights are negatively switch, a digital multimeter will tell you this and at the same time tell you if you have power AND which wire goes where.

Hook the black probe into the COM port of the meter then to the Negative post on the battery and with the headlights on use the red probe to check for voltage on all 3 wires of the headlight and note where the power is. Then turn on the hi-beams and repeat.

Chances are...

The black wire on the left is going to be the ground or negative side

The Red wire on the top is going to be your low beams

The Red w/white stripe on the right is going to be your hi-beam

Have you "Bench Tested" the flasher to be sure it works?

This should give you a start, try what I said and get back to us if there are any problems.

Also where abouts are you located? Maybe someone local to you could give you a hand if you need it.


May 21, 2010
Dania Beach, Broward FL.
Hello Shadow-D, Thanks for the reply,

Well seems everything should be ready to work but it does not, I have done the tester test as you sugested and my negative is black, low beam is red and blue line wire and the High beam will be the red with the white line wire, Also I think the flasher should be working ok beacuse when when I apply power to the flasher it begins making it´s proper Tic-Toc loud clicks So I guess it may be fine? this also tells me my Pick-Up is Positive sided right?

There most be something I am missing because I haven´t been able to make the headlamp flash with this flasher, I am trying Passanger side first, The Flasher is a Whelen 2150 UHLF.

Oh and I live in Valencia Venezuela and everytime I go to a electrical-car repair shop and show them the flasher they only say, what the hell is that, ... :roll: so you can have an idea.

Any other advice? :idea: Really need help on this one.

Thanks so much.



May 21, 2010
Dania Beach, Broward FL.
Updated: Well seems I have make it to work somehow, at least now with the headlamps on it makes the high-beams flash, (I have only connected one bulb "passanger side") But when I turn off the dimmerswitch, I mean when I turn off the lights the it wont flash anymore, I am pwering the UHLF direct from the battery (orange and white/black wire) direct to + I haven´t installed a switch but I will, Ok I guess I am close now, It is flashing both bulbs simultaneously maybe because I have wired only one bulb, So how could I make it to flash with the headlights off?

Installers of the World please Unite to help this rookie in need. :)


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