Whelen Inner Edge FST and RST Series

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    The newly designed, low-profile Inner Edge FST and RST Series better utilizes vehicle contours, providing higher visibility and a custom fit*. Whelen's all-new patent-pending Helios™ Optic silicone technology increases clarity and has the power to punch through tints. The Inner Edge FST and RST Series is available with SOLO™, DUO™, or TRIO™ technology.

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  2. got_yogurt

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    I was a bit disappointed looks like a step back from the RTX
  3. kitsune86

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    Looking at Whelen's FDIC2017 page, looks like the name has changed to "Proclera."
  4. Kevin K.

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    I spoke with a gentleman from Whelen Tech Support the other day, and he said the company is moving away from "LIN" products. This makes sense regarding the SurfaceMax Series replacing the Hundred Series; I just hope there's going to be C4 and C5 SurfaceMax replacing their Hundred Series equivalent.

    I don't know if there's going to be a new or heavily updated overhead lightbar containing all Proclera Optics (in the Liberty II, the Proclera Takedowns look small within that chassis), but I imagine we'll see new Dominators and/or Traffic Advisors containing Proclera Optics.

    That seems to the logical progress, but I could be way off base, haha.
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    Any updates on when the new inner edge is coming out?

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