Whelen L53 Beacon


Sep 7, 2010
Ontario Canada
Just got a Whelen L53 mag mount LED beacon in my hands.

First Impression:

Pretty unremarkable, this appears to be a 100% retrofit of one of the small (4" dia) strobe beacons with the standard Fresnel lens, which is great in case I bust the lens... replacements should be no prob.

Base is black plastic with mounting holes and mag mount.

Has 15 Scan Lock patterns, with typical, double, triple and random flashes.


Wow. That is crappy. Granted this is listed as SAE Class 3 lighting, but I never really knew what that was until I got this light. (See photo... that is "on", didn't even wash out the camera)

One single upward facing LED. That's it. Seriously.

We are talking about department store "Price Smasher!" display-table crappy.

Total washout in daylight. About as bright as a single turn signal bulb, mounted in a strobe beacon housing.

I only need it for the roll bar on my tractor, but it was still a big letdown.

Since I can't leave well enough alone... I disassembled it, added a downward facing convex truck mirror into the top of the lens to help bounce some light, then modded in two more 1 watt LEDs facing outward. See pic. Two lateral Luxeon LEDs were added by me.

Result: marginally better.

Also I happen to need to mount this upside down under the rollbar to keep trees from wrecking it, so I had to silicone over two slots (for holding lens on) and the hole around the power cord, just to keep the water out.

Truthfully I can't understand why Whelen would even offer a light like this.

Will be adequate for my use, but a total letdown from Whelen.

Sorry about Picture quality.



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