Whelen LFL Power Supply Wiring

May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
I'm looking for a wiring diagram for an LFL power supply... I did a quick search here with no results. Plus Whelen's site doesn't have a wiring diagram, just install sheet for the lightbar itself.

This is what I know:

red = power

black = ground

white = rear two strobes

grey = front two strobes

What I don't know is what the blue, green, brown & purple are...

Thanks in advance guys

- Tim


May 21, 2010
Merseyland, England, GB
If its a 412 supply.

Pink is positive and fused for 15amps.

Black is Negative.

Brown is flash pattern change, but you only have the choice of 2. One with the wire connected to positive and one with it disconnected.

Purple is low power mode.

Green goes to the I/o board. If connected to the I/o you gain a few more flash patterns for the strobes.

I can't remember what blue did. (it might be a sync for 2 supplies)


New Member
May 21, 2010
Snow Belt, Michigan
Since those things are so expensive, I was able to replace the mini ps with a couple

of sealed sound off power supplys. I used two sealed 2/40, actually boosting the

wattage from 15 watts per corner reflector to 20 watts per reflector, These power

supplys are the same height as the stock power supplys. You won't have the same mounting

such as the top frame mounting to the power supply, but once the lenses and the end

are on, its all stready and strong, I have done this with two mini lfls.

Jim Rogers

Northern Lights/Sirens

Pods are the future :mrgreen:


Feb 14, 2014
Bellevue Iowa
bigcat said:
Yes, a serial controlled power supply doesn't require a serial controlled I/O board to operate, but it's flash pattern options are reduced to two.

Thanks..just not sure if I want to get and I/O board for this bar or not..$$$ is short

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