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May 23, 2010
I have a Whelen liberty SX8(6/07) controlled by a PCC8R.The last time I used the bar when I turned on the front all the lightheads including the corners were dim.When I turned on the back and the front only the left side of the bar would light up which were dim also.Bar is connected to the battery through a 40a fuse block and ground is connected straight to the battery.Not sure whats going on here....any ideas?
Had the neighboring fire department call me to look at a Freedom that acted the same way. Checked the fuse on the 8ga Power lead and it was half melted. Changed out the fuse and holder and all was fine. I would say start there, and the check the wiring inside the PCC8R. Also, just to rule it out, re-check the ground. I would bet that there is an issue with the main power wire though, or the 12v+ control wires within the switch panel. Let me know how you make out.

- Pete

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