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Wanted Whelen light heads and parts (LINZ6, SXTLED, etc.)

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Looking for the following Whelen equipment:

(4) LINZ6 Amber, don't need brackets or anything just the lamps. Two-wire steady burn units please, not the sync units.

(2) LR11 Single lamps with brackets for Liberty

(1) SXTLED Super High Intensity takedown with bracket for Liberty

(1) Liberty DUO I/O board. Bar I have is a Liberty with DUO TA, I think I need the next larger DUO board for the project I'm trying to do.

(2) Liberty short corners. Do they make these in DUO? If so, looking for red/amber, otherwise if no DUO, looking for amber only.

Liberty clear lenses that are the full length of the bar (minus the endcaps) for a 48" bar. One for the front, one for the back.

Please drop me a PM if you have any or all of what I'm looking for.

Oh and if anyone has any CHP alley or rear LINZ6 brackets let me know... I already know I won't get a response on that one ;)


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Still looking for amber LINZ6 modules! Two wire steady burn is fine. Found the rest of what I needed.
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