Whelen lighthead failure

zack A

May 24, 2010
Got a question. Has anyone else had issues with several different Whelen light heads having LEDs or sections of LED fail?

So far at my full-time job one ambulance has had a 700 and 900 super LED's fail. The 900 top section, half of one side wouldn't flash it just had a dim steady burn. The 700 LED on the front right fender is a split red/clear. The red section Half of the LED's work some of the time.

At the part-time gig we've had something similar. A 900 failed, again the top section had LED's go out. Before that BOTH TIR6 red/clear's on the grill had problems...BOTH of the white LED's went out at the same time.

All are under 6 months old...

I also noticed several on the NCSHP Liberty's on the new chargers already have LED's out of them.

Anyone else had similar issues?


May 21, 2010
I haven't noticed the LEDs burning out. I have noticed that the 900 series seem to have a problem retaining their flash patterns. They were synched, now the blue headed split flash (which they were not set to do) and the red has a totally different pattern. Also, the liberty, rear 4500, and lin-12's on our truck have moisture. (The lin-12's have puddles). Yet our fly car with all Fed Sig has no problems.

Is it me, or does Whelen seem to going down hill lately?

zack A

May 24, 2010
Yeah Thats what I was thinking. the 900s aren't losing the patterns because its only half the section that's not flashing. I dunno. I just thought it was strange that 5 differnt light heads have issues.


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
If that many lights are bad on one truck there are a few possibilities....

1- Wiring problem with the truck

2- Bad batch of diodes

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