Whelen lights - No Longer Available

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade: Warning Equipment' started by Frooom, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Whelen lights

    Hey everyone, up for grabs is a 4 module TIR3 dominator. Updated pictures coming soon. Diodes are BLUE/BLUE/BLUE/BLUE. Great shape except for a missing gasket where the wires enter the bar, and cut cord (still more than enough to work with).

    List Date: 3/28/2017

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Whelen lights
    This item is no longer available.

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  2. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Hey whichever moderator changed the title, thanks! That makes WAY more sense. :D
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  3. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    O_O someone buy this poor lonely light

  4. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Anyone got an offer for this poor, lonely, can be all B dominator? Reasonable offers will be considered. I reaaally don't want to put this on feebay.

    The bar is in great shape, and the modules are all clean/uncracked and in great shape too.
  5. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    2x amber modules SPF. Listing will be updated once transaction completes.
  6. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    2x amber modules sold! Updating listing.
  7. toubis

    toubis Member

    Can the blue tir on the dominator be swapped with the red ones that you are including?

  8. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Hey toubis - it may be possible but the red ones don't have the same wiring (red ones have 4 wires, dominators have 2 and dominator plugs).
  9. yanksfan407

    yanksfan407 Member

    You would have to set the red to steady burn and then use butt connectors or solder them in place of the blues to get it to work
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  10. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Apparently what he said ^ :) So theoretically yes?
  11. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Someone make me an offer - let's get this thing gone!
  12. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Bueller? *bump* still trying to get this gone before I move. No blue-light folks here anymore??
  13. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Price updated per advice of wise sage

    *and I'm accepting reasonable offers*
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  14. KW76

    KW76 New Member

    will you take $80 shipped to 34953 FL
  15. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    I would like to say yes, but the shipping will eat a good amount of that since it's going that far :/ If you can do 100, it'll be out the door heading your way.
  16. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Hey guys, I'll send this anywhere for 100. Don't want to take it with me when I move, and I don't want to lose 10% to feebay (but I can't move it for less right now 'cause if I do the missus will probably clonk me over the head with something more durable than my head).

    Where are all you blue-lighters? o_O
  17. lights9797

    lights9797 Member

    Good price. Good luck with your sale
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  18. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    *ye olde bump*
  19. Frooom

    Frooom Member

    Moderators please close thread.
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