whelen LIN6 lens questions


Jun 20, 2010
Austin, TX
Hey guys I have a few quick questions regarding the LIN6 lens I was hoping you could help me with...

1. How do you get these lenses off the lightheads? I have a couple older LIN6's where the lenses have yellowed and hazed a bit. I took out the two screws and tried to force the lens off, but they seem to be stuck in place. Any tricks to pry them off without damaging or scratching them? Can the yellowed and hazed lenses be cleaned the same way as described elsewhere here in regards to cleaning hazy domes?

2. How important are the lenses in regards to light output for the LIN6's? I know lenses play an important role in TIR6 lightheads, but they don't seem to contribute much in terms of light output in the LIN6's. I'm planning on interior mounting a couple LIN6's and if I can't clean off the old lenses, I was thinking about leaving them off completely.
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
The lenses are only help in by those 2 screws on the lense itself... The lense gasket is whats giving you your problem... They will come off, trust me... And yes, they can be cleaned with a headlight restoring system, or any plastic cleaning product...

And the lense has nothing to do with the output on a linear LED lighthead, is a "non-optic" lense... It's the reflector and the "diffuser bar" is what spreads your light...


Jun 1, 2010
Woodward County, OK
I have some LIN6s that have the lenses stuck on like yours are. I have tried warming them and using rubber gloves to get a good grip. The lenses are still on there.

The LIN6s used behind lenses such as the Liberty do not have lenses attached to the LIN6. When used in applications such as a Raider, the LIN6s have lenses attached by the two screws and a gasket that appears to be laced with an adhesive also.

My next try is to use an Xacto hobby knife, but I have my doubts as to its success as the gasket is recessed in the LIN6. If the Xacto knife doesn't work, I will next try 3M general purpose adhesive remover.

If you are going to use them in an interior - not encased in a lightbar, I would keep lenses on them just to keep the LEDs and reflectors clean.


May 21, 2010
Retired1 said:
I have some LIN6s that have the lenses stuck on like yours are. I have tried warming them and using rubber gloves to get a good grip. The lenses are still on there.

Me too. They've been Raider modules. They are sealed somehow at the factory.


Jun 20, 2010
Austin, TX
Thanks for the info. I've tried prying and pulling these damn lenses off, but no joy. These modules were made in 2005/2006-- not sure if they're any different than the ones currently running around...? Retired, please let me know if you get anywhere with the X-acto knife.

There's got to be a way to get these off~ Whelen sells replacement lenses for them so they should be able to pop off somehow, no?

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