Whelen OS Series for ATV Plowing


Aug 5, 2010
USA Connecticut

I'm new to the boards! I just bought a plow for my ATV. I want to put some Amber lights on the fron and back and am looking to do it pretty cheap. Does anyone have any experience with the OS series? Looking to see if they would be bright enough. My other option is TIR 3's, but I am trying to save some cash to buy some blue Vertex for my vehicles. Any help would be appreciated!


Jason Carlton


May 20, 2010
Hartford County, CT
I use them as marker lights. I would never use them as warning lights.

Whelen does make a flashing version but I can't see them being too effective. I think the flashing version was meant more for attention-getting indicator lights. Looking right at the 0S lights they appear bright but they really don't project light. If you pointed a TIR3 and an 0S light at the wall from the same distance, you'd see the bright light from the TIR3, but the 0S light wouldn't illuminate anything.

Take a look around the board. There were inexpensive amber LED beacons listed not too long ago, to which the "warning" power of multiple 0S lights couldn't ever compare.


May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
i def. wouldn't rely on the OS series lights for warning; while some ppl do use them on the running boards of vehicles, they are definitely only as a supplementary source of lighting and i would recommend against using them for primary warning.

i def think that waiting to save up a few bucks is better than just rushing for the OS lights. Going with a non-"big name" brand, such as the sirennet brand GL3 series or pimppods, for example, will give u lightheads comparable to the tir3/lin3's by whelen for roughly bet. $35-40 ea.


May 21, 2010
But for an ATV, it isn't like you are going to be plowing the interstate during rush hour. What exactly are you warning against?

If you are doing parking lots with traffic in them, your only hope would be a pole mounted beacon. You'll still get run over, but it might take a few minutes longer than if you had directional lights mounted at what is essentially below the line of sight of drivers. Otherwise, save your money for real lights for real vehicles. Unless it's being used for ATV enforcement, putting lights on an ATV, which by definition is an off-road vehicle, seems a little odd.


May 25, 2010
New England, MA
Take a look at the Whelen L50 beacon. They run around $39.99. Class 3, signal alert patten. About 4 years ago I had one on a Toro Utility Vehicle. Not too bad, price is right.

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