Wanted Whelen Par28, Feniex 4200 mini

Discussion in 'Wanted: Warning Equipment' started by SBFD-E-9, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. SBFD-E-9

    SBFD-E-9 Senior Member

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a pair of Whelen PAR28 driving/warning lights in blue for 2011-15 Explorer/PIU. I can buy the brackets if you just have the lights.

    I need a Feniex Mini 4200 controller also.

    FOUND-Also looking for two pairs of blue or white Feniex Cannons.FOUND

    I prefer all items used. Please PM me with what you have to offer!

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  2. SBFD-E-9

    SBFD-E-9 Senior Member

    Changed my listing a little. Looking for four Feniex Cannons, either 120s or 360s. Ideally I'd like a pair of white and a pair of blue. Let me know what you have!

  3. SBFD-E-9

    SBFD-E-9 Senior Member

    HAWs found, just need the PAR28s and a 4200 mini!

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