Whelen pattern won't change

Hey guys I'm having trouble cycling through the flash patterns. My understanding was while the lights are activated tap the whi/violet cable into the positive and it should go through the patterns? Hasn't worked for me. I had no trouble doing it with other brands. First time trying to change a light pattern on a whelen bar...

What am I doing wrong?



AutoDetailer said:
After confirming whire color make certain the flashing td/ally feature isnt on when doing it. I have had a few that havent wanted to change patterns when they were active.
IF the Flashing TD/Alley is on, the pattern wire will changed the pattern of the flashing TD/Alleys...

The patterns that the Flashing TD/Alleys have are:

- Single Flash - Take Downs & Alleys

- Double Flash - Take Downs & Alleys

- Single Flash - Take Downs Only

- Double Flash - Take Downs Only

To the OP, check again that you are using the actual White/Violet wire... As stated earlier, the wire you have is White/Red, which activates the Front Center LEDs in a Liberty...
I'll check the wire I'm pretty sure it's whi/violet. It's also the only free cable like I've had with other brands when cycling through patterns.

I had a friend (can't get a hold of) activate the flashing TD/alleys when the light switch is activated on 3. On 1 or 2 they're not activated.
Checked the wiring. The cable is white/light purple redish but definitely not a solid whi/violet. It's the only free cable & none of the other white striped cables are violet/ purple. I have a whi/yellow, whi/blk, whi/orange, whi/brown.

No idea what it could be.

I'm also trying to change the patterns when the light switch is placed on 1 or 2 and nothing (flashing TDs come on at 3).

Iuhhh, s that the plug off of a cencom? I think this is your problem. You need to find the cable from you lightbar with white/purple.

In pic two above you see a larger harness with two white wires and a blue and orange. Follow those to where they connect to the lightbar harness. Then look at that bundle of wires for white/purple pattern wire. It wont be connected to the cemcon most likely.
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