Whelen PCC8R


May 20, 2010
Anybody using those? I would have to think thy are out there, they look like they might be sweet. Of course with Whelen crappy website I haven't really been able to get any information about them.

We have been using the Brookings BR-990 which while smaller then a normal switch box still requires you to run all the wires back to the box itself (it is not a remote type). The whelen is has 8 switches vs the Brookings 6 and it very cost less. Am I missing something? While those stand up to construction and utility use? Does anybody know where I can see the install guild, my use are not just for lighting and I need to see if this would work for our trucks. It doesn't look like the relay box is weatherproof which is too bad but could be worked around.

At half the price of a TouchTek this seems like a good deal to me.


Jun 1, 2010
Groton, Vermont
Gonna try to bring this post back to life... Anyone got one? Strobes N' More is selling them for $189 seems like a good deal to me but never seen anyone using one.. Anyone got pics of one installed or have any pros and cons to them?



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May 20, 2010
A few people have used them on installs- and love them.

It was discussed here, or at least on the old board.. but I know I have seen them mentioned a few times before.


Jun 15, 2010
Northeastern, IL
I have one and I love it. The compact control head fits anywhere very well and the relay box itself in only about 2 inches tall so it can fit anywhere you can think of putting it. Does what it does very well.


May 23, 2010
I know this is a little of topic but Cam mentioned about how crappy Whelen's websites is. But if you look at most of whelen's brochures they look good and are better than some other companies. But the website just plan sucks? Why don't they make it more informational on there products instead of such a pain to work and have some pictures. Just doesn't make that sense to me. Any other in puts.


Sep 24, 2010
Long Island, NY
andrewsim said:
Using 3 diodes i was able to set up the first three switches in a progressive type switch setup. If i hit the third switch, all of my lights come on.

Can you explain how you did this? I want to do that with mine and can't figure out how.

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