Whelen Super LED Takedowns problem solved


May 26, 2010
Layton, Utah
Here's my 48" Whelen Liberty lightbar, model SX8, manufactured 09/07. I recently bought some of the new Super LED takedowns to replace the halogen ones that came with it. When I light up the bar everything works flawlessly .... except the new super takedowns. I tried powering them up both flashing and steady burn, with no success. Plug the Halogens back in and they work fine. The new Super Takedowns came with the same factory plugs which fit perfectly with the plugs coming from the wiring harness. You can't mess them up because of the notches and grooves on the plugs don't allow you to inadvertently connect the power to ground or vice versa. So whats going on? Is there a compatability issue because the bar is a couple of years old? I'm gonna call Whelen's tech line but if anyone can save me the time I'd appreciate the help in figuring this out.

Thanks in advance, Jason C





Fast LT1

May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
OMG i freaking love those td's!


May 26, 2010
Layton, Utah
SireLite said:
Try swapping the pins around in the amp mate plugs. Don't forget halogens will work what ever way you put the positive and negative.

"You Sir, are Correct", they had the wires swapped on the plugs. On the new LED's the white was the hot lead and the black was the ground, but on the halogens it was reversed. Gotta love the ole Craftsman clamp on AC / DC volt - ampmeter, best $50 bucks you'll spend. Bought mine several years ago when I needed to know the amp draw on a fully loaded Whelen Delta lightbar. It had 5 rotators, halogen takedowns, front inborad TIR6's, intersection sweeps, alleys, rear corner strobes and a TIR6 traffic advisor. It drew 56 amps when everything hit at just the right moment. It actually was an incredible lightbar with rotators, strobes, and LED's, but it wouldn't work on the truck we bought it for, it was too tall.

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