Whelen traffic advisor control head difference


May 21, 2010
South Eastern PA
Does anyone know what the difference, if any, is between the Whelen Traffic Advisor control heads TactRld1 and Tactld1 is? What is the R for in the first one?

I have a Whelen Led Traffic Advisor that I have been using a Code 3 Narrowstik controller on and want to buy the correct Whelen control head for it.

I saw in the Whelen Tow catalog they reference to use both on the same lightbar as listed below.

Options for Towman’s Ultra Freedom™ Super-LED Competitor™ Series Lightbar:

FLTA46L ....... Six 400 Series LED Traffic Advisor, includes TACTRLD1

control head, requires deletion of brake/tail/turn or work lights

FLTAT6 ......... Six lamp single level TIR style LED Traffic Advisor with TACTLD1,

(requires deletion of work lights or brake/tail/turn lights)

FLTAL6 ......... Six lamp 5mm LED Trafic Advisor with TACTLD1,

(requires deletion of work lights or brake/tail/turn lights)

Thanks for any info, A-TAD


May 21, 2010
South Eastern PA
OK, Thanks

On Whelens website it says to use the control head without the R for my Traffic Advisor but I saw someone selling the model with the R really cheap.

Would the model with the R still work properly?

The Traffic Advisor I have looks like an 8 head Dominator but no flasher inside of it. It was made to mount on the rear deck of a Crown Vic.

Thanks, A-TAD

John Hearne

May 27, 2010
Pontotoc County, MS
IIRC, one offers outputs to control individual lights. It will have a common ground or hot and then wires to each head. The other works with 3 wire TA's. The outputs are simply 1-right 2-left 1+2-center out.


May 23, 2010
One of the control heads is designed for halogen traffic advisors and the newer one that has the 2 switches on the right hand side of it was desinged with an led traffic advisor in mind.

Programmable Flash Patterns standard on the TACTRL1A and TACTLD1 allows for remote activation of the flash pattern and end lamp enable/disable feature.

I hope that this helps to clear up confusion.


May 23, 2010
Sterling Heights Mich
I don't know the part numbers, but I've had in my hands....

Halogen 9 wire control (1 power 8 grounds)

LED 9 wire (1 power 8 grounds)

LED 2 wire (rotatory knob) has 3 blank spots for adding 3 switches

And does the dominator have 16 wires or 9?


May 21, 2010
South Eastern PA
It has 16 wires.

I believe the model# is TAM83CRB. It was a six head amber Traffic Advisor with red and blue end flashers

but I took out the red and blue flashers and replaced them with non flashing amber modules so it would be an 8 head amber Traffic Advisor.

I simply cut the flasher wires and connected them to the amber modules I added.

It still has the factory wire harness, 8 positive and 8 negative wires.

So I turned it into a Model# TAM83CV.

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