Whelen Universal LED or Vertex?


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Jun 19, 2010
Ok, I have looked and looked and I am unable to locate much information. This will all be for I assume a 2011 Tahoe. I am focusing on the back right now and looking for advice. I was thinking of using the stock flashers for the tail lights ( brake and back up lights) or installing LED flashers. I have seen both, Universal LED and the Vertex talked about but I can not seem to find information on which is better. The Universal is much more money and needs a control head, and is different in design. For the back lighting, should I stick with stock, or LED and if so, which would be better?

On a different note, I am hoping to install LED's in the fog lights, how does this sound? Again, which would you suggest between the two or put in a solid state flasher like wig-wag?

Thanks for any thoughts.


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May 20, 2010
Take a look around, there has been quite a bit discussion on the limitations of Whelen Vertex, and other LAW's.

I also have personally reviewed almost half a dozen LAW's - but have yet to test out the Whelen universal. I have heard good things about them thou.. (and from that, would recommend them over the vertex) I would still recommend another brand over Whelen thou, at this time. (Sound off signal)

Check this thread out, and the "review" forum.



May 23, 2010
My option is this for the back vertexs work good at night on not in direct sun light also if your going to use make sure to mount them in the direction where you want the most light because they don't have that good of off axis power. For LAW's i personally believe that they are too big for the taillight and i don't like the fact of an external flasher. But also make sure that the back of tahoe has other warning because vertexs are not good enough for primary warning. The best hide a way out there right now on the market i believe is the Sound Off one that comes with the different lenses for light output. But if you want to stick with whelen i would use the vertexs. But an idea is you could get two vertexs in amber or red/blue and mount them externally, when mounted like that i feel that it has good light output, Just and idea.


May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
i drive a 2010 tahoe flycar, which has 4 red universal LAWs in the brake lights, and i think that they're the best out of the 2, overall. vertexes are a great product and fine at night in certain housings, but (imo) they don't have a strong punch in daytime for the tahoe. on the other hand, the universals work great in our tahoe and i have no problem seeing them when i do daily truck check in the early afternoon (in direct sunlight). however, if ur on a limited budget, i'd instead go with a TLF and put some surface mounts on the rear (i.e. lin6 or 400s on the hatch or linz6's on the LP bracket) + D6 or slimlighter(s) on the rear headliner.

with regards to the fog lights, i'd go with either since it's a small housing. friendly piece of advice tho (even tho ur focusing on the rear warning right now)....dont waste ur time with LAWs in the front turn signals; the guys that spec-ed our tahoe didn't know really anything about lights and i think the LAWs we have in the turn signals are soooo ineffective and a waste of $ b/c the housing is small and the footprint is tiny, whereas a simple HLF for the front would've blown them away (again, this is only IMO)


Jun 1, 2010
My opinion just to save money would be the vertexs, at least in the reverse lights. To me, spending all that money for the Whelen LAWs for the little reverse lights is a waste.


May 24, 2010
I guess thats why sirennet.com stopped selling the whelen univ laws. I still think they are brighter then the vertex's.

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