Whelen UPS64LX vs. UPS-188C


Aug 30, 2010
Finland, Europe
Hi everybody!

I have these two strobe power supplies, one Whelen UPS64LX and one UPS-188C.

One I am going to trade away with a friend and one will I keep in my collection.

Now my question is, which one is more "rare" or have more value??

If I understand this right you can only change the flash-patterns on the UPS64LX and not on the UPS-188C.

But then again the UPS-188C has 8 outlets and the UPS64LX only four...

Which one would you guys keep ??


Aug 30, 2010
Finland, Europe
03crownvic said:
Obviously, keep the 8 head, but don't let it sit too long without being fired up or it will go bad, as most power supplies will do.

How often should I fire up my power supplies??

Now I am first thinking about my strobe lightbars (Whelen edge, 9m, model 8000, FS Jetstrobe).

For example:

If I would leave these strobe lightbars untouched for let´s say about 4-5 years, could then the power supplies have gone bad after that??

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