Will I melt my lights??


May 23, 2010
ok I posted this in the haw thread but I dont think people check that too much so I thought I'd start a topic here

I currently have an isuzu dmax (kind of the same as the gmc canyon i believe)

my tail lights are like these awww.worldstyling.com_backend_pimg_p3343f11.gif

and my headlights are like these aupload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_1_15_Isuzu_D_Max__first_generation___front___Serdang.jpg

I was wanting to put two strobe HAWs in the front signal lamps (top part of assembly) and two in the reverse lamp slot (I'm sure you can tell where lol)

Do you guys think the tail lights are too small? as in will it get too hot in there and melt the assembly? what about the front turn signals? I will be using axixtech tubes with an isp188 amp. so yeah, basically can I install strobes onto those places? or is there a way I can mount them so that it doesnt melt the housing?


May 24, 2010
Spencer NC
may i ask why you arent going with HAW LEDs? i know some folks have preference to strobes but i have been very happy with my HAW LEDs. it all comes down to clearance...i would think as long as the bulb is at least a half an inch from the lense it would be fine...installers chime in?


May 23, 2010
Havent got the budget for haw leds at the moment :( yes yes I know some can be had for cheap but I bought the strobe tubes bnew and the amp hardly used so I was thinking of my options with that first :eek:


Oct 26, 2010
South Africa
You won't get any problems at all. We've had our isuzu over six years now without problem and done many customers cars too. In ours there's two in each headlight (because the headlight is rubbish for strobes) and in the front fogs and taillights. They've been used for very long periods of time without missing a beat.

Your right putting them in the front indicators, it's by far the best location for light output. Put them in the centre of the reflector to the inside of the indicator lamp for best results.

The headlight reflectors are of the type that produces alot of fine white dust when being drilled. Simple solution to that is a good old fashioned hose pipe and some sun, if you try to just blow it out it will leave a fine layer of dust and the reflectors won't work well.


May 25, 2010
I have a GMC Canyon with HAW strobes in the reverse lights and turn signals. No problems yet and they've been going for quite a while.


May 23, 2010
Thanks guys. Feeling a bit confident thanks to tunes :D and well only time will tell. Hopefully it doesnt melt lol.

and I forgot what exactly its called but you can find and order the topper from worldstyling.com


ok so its called the soft top canopy and it comes with a remote for it to electronically open and close

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