Wiring a Speaker


May 24, 2010
Sydney Australia
I have got to connect speaker wire to a 100W speaker that only has be what can best be described as cent round raised connectors. No fly lead or lugs. Prior to getting the solder iron out does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks in advance


May 24, 2010
Before you connect, lightly polish the lugs with a pencil eraser if they are not new and shiny. Only use the female .250 push-ons once...do not keep putting them on and taking them off, as this will loosen the fit. Finally, use a strain relief technique on the speaker wire. You want any stress on the cord to occur at the strain relief point, not at the terminals to avoid having them come loose. New speakers using this connection method usually have a rubber cap over them, but it doesn't really do much. Better would be to make sure your lug/terminal connection is solid, then apply some RTV/silicone sealant over the connection and let it set up. This will weatherproof it (not all that necessary, really) and also help keep the connection from coming apart. It is fine to use a crimp and/or solder connection if you want to make a 8-12" set of speaker leads from the speaker and then hook to your siren output leads.

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