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May 24, 2010
Laval, Canada
I'd (we) like to see pics of your wrecker bars. Present, past, yours, friend's, collegue's, fleet's......... :mrgreen:
I hate most wrecker bars. Too many with just 2 rotators, or 4 corner strobes.. then the rest of the truck looking like a freaking x-mas tree. What are these guys thinking?
does it have to be on a wrecker. does it count if it is just a regular bar with STT in it
I have a wrecker bar mx7000. When I bought my truck, it had a 2 rotator, rear flasher next to STT and 2 rear work lights. I sold it, built a 69" turbo beam wrecker bar, 16 strobe, STT, takedowns, worklights. Now I got my super mx7000. 4 rotators, 15 mirrors, sweeps, STT, rear led flashers, 4 worklights, 8 takedowns and alleys
wow i feel so under lighted then again im repoman edge towman special 4 corner strobes stt and 2 halogen work lights thinking of upgrading to a 10head jetstrobe
What state are you in? I'm pretty sure only a handful allow red lights on tow trucks.
MN, Red and Amber are ok here. This was just after I mounted it before I put 2 amber domes on it. It is rare but some trucks around here run all red.
nerdly_dood said:
What state are you in? I'm pretty sure only a handful allow red lights on tow trucks.

WA runs red

I got a rant for you tow truck drivers out there...WHEN YOUR LIGHTBAR BREAKS FIX IT!!!!!!!!!! Saw MX7000 today missing the middle section, WTF. Saw another Lightbar that out of 4 or 5 rotators (can't count when your doing 70mph) only one was lit and rotating. Seriously, you look like a bunch of back country hicks with duck taped lightbars or lightbars that don't work...FIX THEM.
In Virginia, only amber is allowed, but the majority bend that rule by using red stop/tail/turn lights on the bar, and when you have the 4-way flashers on and the amber lights off, BEHOLD, red flashing lights. (In back.) And there's a Code 3 LED bar I've seen on a tow truck that automatically flickers the STTs so they catch the eye more effectively, in a very red manner.
SST lights that function with the factory SST's are not considered to be emergency lights. in any way shape or form. besides its to the back who cares
here in philly truck enforcement will have a field day with you for having a bulb out any bulb work lights stt or amber out also will nail you for using your standard 4wya warning flashers while towing to make ur stt lights flash

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