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WTT: LNIB Whelen Responder Split Red/Blue


As best as I can tell this was never actually used, the magnet and pads on the base are spotless and the chrome/dome only shows a few box scuffs. Included is the box, half cover, and paperwork. The seam is tight with no gaps or splitting, cig-cord is about 6ft long. Ive run it twice, once when I first got it about 15+ years ago, and again today while taking some video of it.

If you are interested in seeing/hearing it run, PM a cell number to me and I can text them to you. It runs smooth and flawless.

Follow this link to an album with pix (I can also text pix)
[Broken External Image]:https://photos.app.goo.gl/HSgBOiKi1qWRikea2

I know these are worth much more than a standard dome Responder (especially in this condition w/box), i'm not particularly interested in selling and would rather trade for something as nice.

Items I would primarily be interested in (negotiable w/cash as needed):
-Factory Whelen Responder dash mounting plate with 'stereo plug' power output
(Ive got a NIB Responder that was made for these and it needs a proper home)

-Responder I/II/III (solid red) in 'like new' condition....like 'top shelf' display condition


-Other top shelf dash lights, fireball, S&W, etc, (red only)

-Whelen S360D (red)

-Whelen 800DCTRL Switch

-Whelen WS-224 / GE Powercall + other 70/80's sirens
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