Your favourite 'weird' vehicles, some real, some "photoshops"

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JazzDad, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. ProPatriaNeverPassAFault

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    The Australian police vehicle looks like some sort of police hearse. Then again, 'Straya is the land of Mad Max. Having known more than a few Aussies, Mad Max is actually a documentary and kangaroos do box people (seriously). A police hearse would be very useful in a country where everything is venomous and Bogans run wild.

    The Dublin Civil Defence vehicle is likely full of Shillelaghs, pot still whiskey, Guinness, more whiskey, more Guinness, potatoes and Shillelaghs that double as whiskey flasks. I know this because I have a ton of Irish heritage and actually do own both Shillelaghs and Irish whiskey in quantity. Drinking and bludgeoning is in our blood.

    Now, if it was Belfast, it'd be a totally different story. Said truck would be a Scimitar IFV instead. Reminds me of a story about a company commander I had on a training course in the Army. British Army exchange officer. Mountain of a man and utterly fearless. Personification of the British stiff upper lip. We'd hear all sorts of crazy stories about him when he was on tour. One was when he was a Junior Subaltern (2Lt) in Northern Ireland. IRA fighters threw a nail bomb at the British soldiers. Said nail bomb landed squarely between him and his commanding officer. Without a moment's hesitation, he immediately picked it up and chucked it back at the IRA fighters. Nail bomb lands next to the IRA's vehicle and detonates. IRA fighters dispersed.
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    Is that CD vehicle on a Defender chassis?
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    It's just a Defender 130.

    Still a favourite:
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    Oh, I need one of these! (Never mind that I'm in a rural department.)

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